The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Doorbell System.

Upgrade to a modern intelligent doorbell system that fits all your home living needs with this list of top 10 picks. Easily compare and choose the most secure and elaborate doorbell setup that suits you and your family best!

Modern doorbells are available in a variety of features and designs to suit the needs of any home. This list of top 10 doorbell ideas has something for everyone, from advanced security systems to decorative chimes. Compare and select the most appropriate and secure doorbell setup for your home.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The advanced capabilities of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro make it one of the most intelligent doorbells on the market. To keep your home secure, it has two-way audio and high-definition surveillance. It’s also future-proof, allowing you to add motion detectors and access controls in the future. When you choose Ring Video Doorbell Pro, you won’t have to sacrifice style for security.

August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Video Doorbell 

August Smart Lock with Wi-Fi and Video Doorbell is the ideal blend of security and convenience. You can start watching who is at your door before you even open it with this dual-functioning device. When it detects your smartphone nearby, it unlocks automatically and provides live streaming video. Receive notifications wherever you are to always be aware when someone is at your door.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell has some of the most advanced doorbell features available. It has facial recognition built-in, so you can promote safety by controlling who has access to your home. It also includes HD video and 24/7 streaming, allowing you to review footage as needed. When someone approaches your door, the doorbell detects motion and sends alerts to your smartphone or tablet.

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell 

The SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell includes a number of useful features that will make you feel more secure about your home’s security. It has color night vision and motion-activated alerts to keep you informed about who is at the door. SkyBell HD provides all of the features you need for your smart home security system, including HD video, panoramic audio, and a stylish design.

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

Vivint Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera Pro

With Vivint’s Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera Pro, you can keep your home safe. This advanced doorbell system is intended for use in high-risk neighborhoods and other areas where security is critical. Its advanced motion detection technology, combined with the two-way audio feature, adds an extra layer of security against intruders. The smart doorbell camera pro also has a night vision camera, ensuring that you never miss anything!

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

Honeywell Chime Doorbell

The Honeywell radio gong with range amplifier and wiring module white DW915 is suitable for both systems with a transformer and without a transformer (8-12V, max. 2.0A) and is also suitable for radio expansion of existing bell systems or replacement for existing wired mechanical or wired electronic gongs.

Existing bell buttons and cables can be used with the installation-friendly wiring module for simple, uncomplicated assembly. The operating mode is simply defined by the wiring module’s appropriate cabling.

The built-in repeater/range booster extends the radio range to 400 m and provides up to 5 years of battery life. A mains connection via micro USB (5V, max. 2.0A) is optional.

8 digitally enhanced, crystal-clear tunes to choose from. Maximum volume 90 dB (up to 100 m), adjustable volume. The maximum volume is 90 dB, with a listening range of up to 100 m; the volume is adjustable; and the sleep/mute mode turns off the radio for 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours.

Visual signal notification is provided by a light ring with 7 adjustable colors and an LED flashing light, with the following operating modes: optical only/ acoustic only/ optical and acoustic.

Compact size with a rich sound

All Honeywell door chimes have a digitally enhanced, crystal-clear sound that can be heard clearly throughout the house and garden despite their surprisingly compact design.

Easy to install

With plug-in terminals on the mounting plate/wiring module and an easy-to-open battery compartment, installation is a breeze. Simply screw in and connect the wiring module, then hang in the gong. To change the battery, simply remove the gong from the mounting plate.

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

Radio Gong With Bell Button Doorbell

The wireless radio gong chime with LED flashlight and bell button white DC313SG has 6 digitally enhanced, crystal clear melodies to choose from. The volume is adjustable and has a maximum volume of 84 dB with a listening range of up to 80 m. The optical message of the signal is provided by a flashing LED light in the following operating modes: optical only/ acoustic only/ optical and acoustic, which are ideal in a noisy environment or when the gong should not be heard.

This Doorbell has a wireless range of up to 150 meters and a battery life of up to two years. The waterproof bell button (IP55) with a changeable nameplate, LED function display, secret knocking function, and battery status display, with an easily accessible and tool-free battery compartment.

Wireless gongs, wireless doorbell buttons, and accessories (wireless door/window contacts, wireless motion detectors, and wireless extension transmitters) are all interchangeable.

Never miss a visitor or a delivery again

Put your mobile wireless doorbell anywhere in the house, on the balcony, or in the garden. This technology has a reliable wireless range of up to 150 meters at a volume of up to 84 decibels, which can still be heard from 80 meters away.

Compact size with a rich sound

All Honeywell door chimes have a digitally enhanced, crystal-clear sound that can be heard clearly throughout the house and garden despite their surprisingly compact design.


The LED confirmation light on the button informs your visitor that the doorbell signal was sent. When a family member or friend knocks on the door, the innovative Secret Knock function (press 3 times) plays a different melody.

Expandable and future

Proof With the innovative technology, you can also connect your wireless gongs to additional security accessories and Honeywell home alarm sets to create your own, personalized home alarm and warning system.

The Friedland Libra+ series products are compatible with all wireless gongs, wireless doorbell buttons, and accessories (wireless door/window contacts, wireless motion detectors, and wireless extension transmitters).


This device which operates at 868MHz is a great innovative wireless protocol that provides greater range capability, up to two years of battery life and improved connection reliability.

Easy to install

All Honeywell doorbells are pre-programmed and ready to use. Installation takes only a few minutes with the optional screwless installation and an easy-to-open battery compartment.

Waterproof and suitable for everyday use

The waterproof doorbell button (IP55) with a changeable name tag, LED function display, and battery status display is suitable for outdoor use; the battery compartment can be opened easily and without tools; and the CR2032 battery (3V) is included.

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

Rev Orchestra Set Radio Doorbell

The REV radio bell orchestra set with motion detector and bell button 90 dB white has a range of up to 150 m and can be installed quickly and easily thanks to wireless transmission.

With 52 melodies and 4-level volume control

The REV doorbell with radio transmission has 52 ringer melodies and can be adjusted in 4 levels up to 90 dB, depending on the volume desired. The door chime has a modern design with rounded corners in black and white, making it a focal point in your living space. The bell button has a place for your name tag next to it.

Motion detector with a range of 4 m

The motion detector, which detects movement at an angle of 110° every 5 seconds, keeps the house safe. When a movement or temperature change is detected during the detection time, the blue indicator on the motion detector illuminates. When the sensor is activated, it sends a signal to the receiver (gong), which rings to indicate receipt of the signal. The motion detector has a detection range of 110° and a range of 4 m.

Features of the wireless bell:

– Bell and motion detector protection classes: IP 20, only for use in dry indoor areas, bell button protection class: IP 55, for outdoor use

– Bell button and gong range: max. 150 m (free field), motion detector, and gong range: max. 100 m (free field), frequency: 433 MHz

– 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries for the bell (not included)

– Battery for bell button: 1 x 12 V 23 A (included)

– Battery for motion detector: 1 x 3 V CR2450 ( (included)

– A radio transmitter A receiver can be assigned up to 20 transmitters

 – A receiver can be assigned up to 20 transmitters.

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

Double Fold Wireless Doorbell

This double-fold radio ringer with a doorbell is the ideal full set for your two-family home. It stands out for its unique design and high-quality finish. The set includes a radio transmitter with an open-air range of 200 meters (434 MHz) and a radio receiver.

The radio receiver comes with an eight-song playlist. The volume can be adjusted to a maximum of 75 decibels (dB). It can be expanded and made compatible with up to four transmitters, either from the radio gong system or an external bell button, at any time. A name tag is attached to the radio transmitter.

The doorbell set is wall-mountable, but it can also be used on the go. The scope of delivery includes a 3 V lithium-ion battery with a service life of up to 2 years.

The radio transmitter requires four AA batteries, which are sold separately. If you live in Germany, you can easily buy this from OBI.

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

Byron Socket Set Doorbell

You can hear who is ringing at your door right away with the Byron DBY-22312 wireless doorbell socket set 150 m wireless range. The socket doorbell plugs into any socket and has a flat bottom to avoid interfering with other plugs. This wireless doorbell is simple to install in any room of the house. The doorbell set includes a high-quality doorbell for indoor use and a weatherproof doorbell button for outdoor use. A CR2032 button battery is required and is included.

Wireless And Flashing Light Doorbell

This wireless chime includes a battery-operated bell button and an LED flashing light. It has a range of up to 75 meters. There are three different melodies to choose from. The maximum volume is 70 dB, and the audible range is up to 75 meters. 

Because of the optical signaling provided by the LED flashing light, this radio gong is ideal for noisy environments. 16 independently adjustable radio codes ensure consistent signal transmission. The wireless doorbell button’s battery (1 x 23 A 12 V) is included in the scope of delivery. The wireless gong batteries (3 x LR14 C) are not included in the scope of delivery separately, you will have to buy them.

The Best 10 Options For an Intelligent Door

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