7 Helpful Products For Stroke Survivors

7 Helpful products for stroke survivors.

Getting a second lease on life after suffering a stroke is a blessing to the survivors. They would want to be using things that help them go towards being independent rather than being assisted by others, so here are the lists of equipment for stroke patients at home.

Here are our suggestions ideas for assistive:

1) Stationary Recumbent Bikes

They are ideal for the benefit of stroke survivors because their designs are customized to their limited range of motion and their lack of balance. You can get it stroke survivor’s upper and lower body, allowing that person to exercise in comfort. Stationary Recumbent Bikes have a variety of styles and models. They include recumbent stationary bikes, folding bikes, upright bikes, and step-up cycles. But the one thing they have in common is that they can be accessed by the stroke survivor anytime at home.

They support well the individual who has suffered a stroke because they are designed to keep their balance intact while they sit and pedal the bike. Special mention is the recumbent bikes because they have perches that allow the stroke survivor to sit for long periods of time.

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7 Helpful gadgets for stroke survivors

2) Dumbbells together with Wrist and Ankle Weights

Stroke survivors have the problem of not being able to effectively regain control over their muscles. Dumbbells that come in different sizes and weights will help them fulfill this objective in an affordable but effective way. You can get them Stroke patient gadgets

3) FitMi Full Body Home Therapy

When stroke survivors exercise daily, this keeps their brains stimulated and encourages neuroplasticity, which is a mechanism that the brain utilizes to rewire itself. This is key during recovery, together also with applicable exercise that targets also the physical aspects like the arms, hands, core, legs, and feet. Get it exercises based on the ability or recovery level of the patients. FitMi has been proven to help many stroke survivors regain their ability to accomplish routine daily activities like walking, driving, or typing on keyboards.

FitMi tracks their progress and pushes up the level of the exercises when the users are deemed ready to accept the new challenge. Using FitMi is an effective transitional activity in-between visits to the therapist. When purchased, FitMi is ready to be operated without the need for special training. It is presently used in more than 10,000 homes and more than 300 rehabilitation hospitals.

8 Important Equipments a Stroke Patient

4) Electric Stimulation Machine

It is a gadget that has been proven to be an effective tool for stroke survivors based on numerous evidence success stories. Here is a link to our Stimulation Machine, they should work closely with their therapists to know its safe operation and determine where to place the pads. It is essential to receive instructions from the therapist, especially those knowledgeable about its operation.

There are accessories for stroke patients. and also several Electric Stimulation Machine brands to choose from.

5) CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy App

Not all strokes result in movement loss. Other strokes damage the communication and cognitive aspects of the survivors too.

The CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy App is one such tool that helps survivors with cognitive difficulties or suffering from aphasia. It is a communication (damaged writing, reading, and speaking) and comprehension disorder wrought by a stroke or injury to specific areas of the brain. CT contains over 100,000 speech and cognitive exercises. Before getting started, this tool gets to know the users’ profiles by assessing their needs and ability level. It then assigns the proper exercises for the users to apply.

CT is like a virtual speech therapist who is always available in the home whenever the stroke survivors need it. It also has a function wherein the real speech therapist can assign exercises by way of this tool. It works with any Apple or Android gadget and is designed by expert language and speech pathologists, you can get these as gifts for stroke victims around you.

7 Helpful Stroke Patients Finger

7 Helpful gadgets for stroke survivors

6) Neofect Extender

It is a positioning tool for stroke survivors who suffer from mild hand spasticity or weakness. You can get it appropriate stretch to encourage the return of functional hand movement. It has tension straps that could be customized according to the users’ comfort level but stretches the fingers into an extended open-hand position, this device is very useful things for stroke victims.

Reversely, the finger strapping can be customized to simulate the gripping position when the users hold an object in their hand. Several buyers of this tool have exclaimed that the Neofect Extender has helped relieve the stiffness in their fingers. They appreciate the fact that after months or even years of not being able to move their fingers properly, they can be able to grip objects, which is a huge joy for them.

Among the features of the Neofect Extender are silicone-covered finger surfaces which enhance traction when the users grip an object. It also has an exposed palm design which allows for increased breathability and makes the tool easier to put on and take off.

Hygiene is not a worry because it is hand washable.

7 Helpful gadgets for stroke survivors

7) Dining and Kitchen Tools

There are several dining and kitchen aids that make it convenient for stroke survivors to adapt to supposedly run-of-the-mill activities in the kitchen or at the dining table. They would also want to be involved in meal preparation or in the simple act of eating their own food by themselves, without assistance from others.

There are  DINNERWARE DISHES” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Non-Skid Dinnerware Dishes that help stroke survivors who lack stable movement when taking their meals. They have decreased dexterity, that’s why they avoid dining with people they don’t know or who might not understand their predicament. These survivors also want to be able to take their meals with dignity. These special dishes have unique designs and suction bases which are non-slip. Among the products are dessert bowls, soup bowls, cupholders, and divided plates (for multi viands).

Their suction bases are what make them work for stroke survivors. There are other countless tools that come out every day that enhances the quality of life of stroke survivors. Reading up on them is the key. Surviving a stroke is already an incentive for these individuals to reap the benefits of using these advanced gadgets, specially made for them.


All the stroke patients’ devices mentioned above are so very important, they are all useful in one way or the other. Not a bad idea when giving back to your community, you can buy and gift them as free stuff for stroke victims.

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