10 Coolest And Useful Car Gadgets And Accessories

If you’re a total car enthusiast and you’re most definitely into the newest, most advanced tech gadgets, you’ve absolutely come to the right place. That is to say, now follows the ultimate overview of the 10 coolest and most useful car gadgets that will make your driving experience even greater. Hence, if you’re interested, keep reading because these gadgets are positively worth your money!

GPS tracker. With this gadget, you can track down your car at any moment.

Hence, if someone tries to steal it, it will be significantly easier to catch them red-handed. On a related note, some GPS trackers also have the capacity to calculate the speed of the car, which is especially useful if you were to ever get involved in a car accident. That is to say, this can really contribute to solving the situation as regards clarifying certain things.

10 coolest car gadgets

Smartphone holder

You can just apply the holder on your dashboard and you’ll be good to go. That is, you’ll have all the necessary navigation information right in your field of vision, implying that you don’t have to constantly look down at your phone screen anymore. So, it might be a rather simple gadget, but it’s remarkably effective and safe and that’s always something to strive for.

10 Coolest And Useful Car Gadgets

Dashboard Cam

10 Coolest And Useful Car Gadgets

5. Smartphone As Head-Up Display

That smartphones have become incredibly useful in today’s society doesn’t need any further explanation. Lately, however, there’s a new level to the smartphone’s contribution to making our lives significantly easier.

Specifically, nowadays it’s possible to use your smartphone as a head-up display for your car. To make this less abstract, you can just download a special navigation app on your phone and as a result, you will have all the navigation information you need right in your field of vision thanks to your smartphone. Just as was the case with the smartphone holder, this gadget is a remarkably safe solution since it can prevent accidents from happening.

10 Coolest And Useful Car Gadgets

battery-powered jumper cables in the trunk of your car. The greatest thing about this gadget is not only that you will be able to provide electricity for your car’s battery when it’s needed, even in the most remote areas.

No, the greatest thing is that you’ll be able to help other people as well when they need electricity, no matter where they’re stranded or when. Since these jumper cables are very portable, they are immensely easy to bring along with you wherever you go.

Power jumper cable

10 Coolest And Useful Car Gadgets

Another gadget that absolutely can’t be missing in your car if you want to prevent car accidents from happening to the extent possible, is a smart, highly advanced Mobileye system for your car. Such a system entails various features. To be more specific, a Mobileye system consists of a smart camera to put on your car’s windscreen, an alarm system, and a highly advanced display. On this display, you’ll be able to notice any warnings that may pop up while you’re driving around.

For example, when you’re driving too fast for the speed zone you’re in, the system will signal this to you so you can take appropriate actions to remedy your speed situation. Due to the amazing technology behind this Mobileye system, you’ll even be able to accurately calculate the distance between your car and other cars, your speed and you’ll even be able to detect vulnerable road users in an incredibly quick fashion.

10 Coolest And Useful Car Gadgets


All in all, there are currently countless more car gadgets on the technology market that can make your driving experience better than it has ever been before. That being said, with the above-mentioned 10 gadgets, you’ll already be off to a great start since these prominent gadgets will be able to offer you a great price-quality ratio. So, don’t hesitate to buy them and try them out, you won’t regret them in the slightest! Essential car accessories for new car, cool car accessories interior, high-tech car gadgets, and must-have car accessories can be found on Amazon at great prices.

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